Fredrik Ohlin

Web developer. Frontend specialist. Full stack critical thinker™.

For me, design and development are inseparable. And that is what I do.

My name is Fredrik Ohlin. I spend a lot of time thinking about digital products and services. I’m based in one of the best cities in the world, Malmö Stockholm, Sweden—but I’m most at home on the web. You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, and many other places.

Let me give you an idea of who I am.

Currently: Frontend Architect

I work at Riverty, helping frontend engineers create great user interfaces for online payments.

Background #1: Web developer

In 2005, I fell in love with web standards. I had already learned to program (using C++ at first), and tinkered with user interface design. Standards-based web development captured my interest through its intersection of human-focus and machine-focus. Creating usable websites, accessible to as many as possible via clean markup, became my thing.

Background #2: Information Architect

My bachelor’s degree was in computer science, but focused equally on concepts like usability, findability, and representing information to facilitate understanding. The information architecture trifecta of users-content-context became a cornerstone as I embraced UX research and design.

Background #3: Teacher

While in the middle of starting my own business, I instead accepted a position as Lecturer in computer science at Malmö University. I taught courses related to the Web, programming, user experience and information architecture, and the intersection of all this stuff. Later, as program director, I led the design and introduction of a revamped Information Architecture B.Sc. program in Computer and Information Science. I am proud to have helped shape this unique blend of contemporary user experience, traditional human-computer interaction, and practical computer science.

Background #4: Researcher

As I continued to become ever more interested in theories of human interaction with technology, I started doctoral studies to really gain in-depth knowledge. My research came to revolve around a core tension: between, on one side, the strive to design technology that understands its user and context, and on the other, the realization that a person’s rich and messy lifeworld never can be fully represented. I thought a lot, wrote a bunch, and published some research papers—work that was presented at scientific conferences in North America, Europe and Asia. Although I didn’t actually finish my PhD, what I learned deeply informs my work today.

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